On July 16, 2016, the IBREI Foundation Assembly (Brazilian Institute for the Development of International Business Relations) was held.

Constituted by professionals of different nationalities, with renowned performance in the legal and business areas, the Institute aims to foster new opportunities for alliances between companies and institutions, public and private, in Brazil and other countries.

By guaranteeing access to information on local markets and business practices, it seeks to establish a relationship between companies from different sectors at an international level.

IBREI thus emerges as a true direct, safe, creative and efficient BRIDGE on the road to investments and commercial relationships in the country.

Engaged and committed to the best legal and business practices, IBREI's mission is to promote the growth of the national market and strengthen communication and relationships between companies and institutions at an international level.

For the first term of office of the Board of Directors of the Institute, the founding associates elected:

CEO: Maurício Prazak

Vice President: Ana Paula M. Távora de Castro

Executive Director: Robertson Emerenciano

Financial Director: Ricardo Albregard

Cultural Director: Arthur Caio A. C. Paulino

Secretary Director: Felipe Carvalho

Certainly, the contribution to be made by the founding associates, as well as by all other associates, to the new Institute will soon achieve this desired level of excellence, and become an international reference in its field of activity.

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